More Services in One Place, Yours.

Healthcare clinics and doctors offices are popping up everywhere these days. The owners claim they are adding more locations for patients’ convenience. What about the people who can’t get to a clinic or doctor’s office,because of physical, emotional or logistical challenges? There is only one solution –and only Livio Health Group can deliver on it: Go to where the patients are.

We believe all people should have access to quality healthcare. Instead of waiting for our healthcare system to change, Livio Health Group is creating a movement. We can diagnose, treat, refer, prescribe and dispense medication on-site. Our services include:

Mobile Urgent Care

On-site Primary Care

Livio Guided Care™

Livio Connect™

The ease of partnering with Livio Health Group includes:
  • No cost to the organization or facility
  • Livio Health Group handles the billing
  • We accept most insurance including Medicare/Medicaid
  • Providers are board certified
  • Our mobile units carry all the Urgent Care Room equipment onboard