The health and well-being of people in your care is important to you. Livio Health Group can help ensure that health care is accessible and as stress-free as possible for you and those in your care.

Livio Health Group provides a suite of complementary, on-site services to remove barriers to accessing care and the stress and disruption that accompanies those barriers. We can diagnose, treat, refer, prescribe and dispense medication on-site. Our services include:

The ease of partnering with Livio Health Group includes:
  • No cost to the organization or facility
  • Livio Health Group handles the billing
  • We accept most insurance including Medicare/Medicaid
  • Providers are board certified
  • Our mobile units carry all the Urgent Care Room equipment onboard

To receive more information about Livio Health Group services call 1-888-709-9344 or email today!